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Visit the Senior Room at Orphans of the Storm

January/February 2013

By Jackie Borchew

Every week, all year long the stray and abandoned dogs and cats from throughout Lake County and northern Cook County arrive to Orphans of the Storm animal shelter. One by one each animal is patiently received. No animal in need is turned away. Each is scanned for the possibility of a microchip (in hopes that we might reunite it with a family), given necessary vaccinations, flea and tick preventative, and has their teeth checked to determine an age. Then with a new name added to the paperwork, that dog or cat is assigned a kennel that will be home for as long as is needed.

Some of these animals are lucky enough to be adopted the day they arrive. Many wait for a brief time. Others may live out their days at the shelter.

Just beyond the shelter's front office there is a room that has lovingly become known as "the senior room." Here, many of these small older dogs earn a special place to call home. These dogs bond and live freely together behind a baby gate with therapeutic beds strewn around the floor. They may hobble around on arthritic joints or stand blindly trying to make out a shadow of the hand stretched out to offer a treat. These dogs are truly special.

Occasionally, a senior will be adopted, but when they are not, they will live out their days snuggling with the shelter staff and enjoying free time rolling in the grass during their daily play periods.

Orphans of the Storm offers a selection of over 500 animals for you to meet on any day. Adoption hours are 11am-5pm each day. For more information see our website www.orphansofthestorm.orgfollow us on Facebook or contact the shelter directly at 847-945-0235. Adopt a friend for life.

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