To Residents of Riverwoods

On April 18 at 7 PM the Village Board of Trustees will host a Town Hall meeting at the Village Hall, 300 Portwine Road.

The focus of this meeting will be to share information about the status of the Lake County Department of Transportation (LCDOT) Deerfield Road Project and solicit input from residents.

LCDOT has conducted three meetings over the last year with a “Stakeholders Interest Group” (SIG) comprised of stakeholders from Riverwoods as well as outside entities. While these meetings were open to the public, questions and comments were limited to the formal stakeholder group.  The Village Board and I think that a Town Hall meeting would be the best forum to let all Riverwoods residents have an open, interactive, and informative community discussion on the issue.

At this meeting, we will attempt to update everyone on the status of the project, explain the expected changes to the roadway, and have a conversation on those areas over which the Village may have some influence with LCDOT. It will be an opportunity to ask questions and present your views on those issues that remain unresolved. A list of topics is on the back of this page.

While our ability to influence the final project is limited, the Trustees and I feel that it is important to give everyone an opportunity to be informed and express their views. We look forward to your participation

Town Hall Subject List

  1. Deerfield Road lane changes
    1. Two lane vs. three lane
    2. West of bridge vs. East of bridge
    3. Minimal “taking”
  2. Intersections
    1. Milwaukee-Deerfield
    2. Deerfield-Portwine
    3. Deerfield-Saunders
  3. “Bike” lanes
  4. Multiuse path location
  5. Traffic signals
  6. Curb/gutter vs. shoulder/ditch
  7. Sidewalk
  8. Traffic control during construction
  9. Woodland restoration
  10. Utilities
  11. Alternatives to commercial area access at Milwaukee
  12. Speed limit




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