September/October 2016

John W. Norris, Mayor, Village of Riverwoods

As we all know, change is inevitable.  This summer it has come to the Riverwoods Board of Trustees.

We must bid farewell to Trustee Kevin O’Donnell. Kevin’s life journey has led him away from Riverwoods and thus forced his departure from the Board of Trustees. For the last three years, Kevin has given dedicated service to the residents of Riverwoods as trustee. Never one to shy away from a “discussion” for any reason or whatever the topic, Kevin could be counted on to ask pertinent questions and endeavor to ensure the interests of the Village were being safeguard. No one would ever mistake Kevin for a “yes man.”  If I made a proposal, I knew I’d better do my homework as Kevin would have a host of questions. He will be missed and we all wish him well.

On the brighter side, we welcome Steve Levin to the Board. Steve has agreed to join the Board as the interim trustee for the remainder of Kevin O’Donnell’s term. Steve will serve until the election in April. He has served the Village on the Plan Commission for a number of years as well as on a number of other civic groups, such as the Competitive Communities Initiative.  He lives in the Meadowlake subdivision and will be the first trustee from that part of the Village. With the changes that are inevitably coming with the commercial development in Buffalo Grove on our western border across Milwaukee Road, Steve should bring a valuable perspective.

On behalf of the people of Riverwoods:  Thank you Kevin and welcome Steve.

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