May/June 2016

By Police Chief Bruce Dayno

Burglar Alarms – The National Crime Prevention Institute recommends installing alarms, and some insurance companies offer discounts for doing so. Although alarms are an effective deterrent, they do have a high rate of false alerts. Many false alarms can be avoided by keeping equipment in good working order. Having a good knowledge of how your equipment works can help prevent false alarms. Remember to register your alarm annually to keep your contact and keyholder information up to date with the Police Department.

Target Hardening – Target hardening makes getting into houses more difficult for burglars. It includes installing sturdy doors with dead bolts; window locks, rather than latches; double pane, storm or divided light windows, or laminated glass that is forced-entry resistant; pin locks on windows and sliding glass doors; and sliding glass door channel locks or slide bolts.

Give the Appearance You Are Home – Most burglars avoid encountering residents, and thus look for indicators of occupancy. Indicators include interior and exterior lights left on (timers are a good option) and leaving a radio or television on. Additionally, avoid leaving clues that you are away. Don’t leave an empty garage door open. Before going on vacation, stop your mail and have your grass cut regularly if you are gone for an extended length of time.

Report Suspicious Activity – If you observe suspicious persons or cars, or hear suspicious noises such as glass breaking, call 911. Over the years, I’ve had many residents tell me they didn’t want to bother the police or didn’t want to be embarrassed if it turned out to be nothing. Well, that’s what we are here for and we are not going to apprehend many burglars without your help. Please don’t hesitate to call us. Vacation Watch – Notify the Riverwoods Police Department when you are leaving town. We will check your house regularly while you are away. Call Police Dispatch at 847-945- 1820.

Home or Business Security Survey – For further questions on Burglary Prevention or Crime Prevention in general, contact Crime Prevention Officer Al Maciareillo at 847-945- 1130. Also, ask him to conduct a home or business security survey.

You can reach me at 847-945-1130. I can also be contacted by email at

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Notification System

The Village of Riverwoods utilizes Blackboard Connect service for emergency resident notification side-by-side with the Village non-emergency resident email database. As a resident or business you can opt-in to emergency messages, non-emergency messages or both.

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