March/April 2016

By John Norris, Mayor of Riverwoods, and SWALCO Board Members

As a Riverwoods resident, you have curbside electronics recycling available to you as part of our waste hauling contract with LakeShore. All you have to do is put your electronic products at the curb on your first garbage pick-up day of the month.

You may read or hear reports that SWALCO will no longer be providing electronic recycling to Lake County residents. That is true. The state law banning electronics from landfills has not provided adequate funding for agencies like SWALCO to continue to perform this valuable service. As a member of the SWALCO board of directors, I can tell you that SWALCO is working hard to get the State of Illinois to do what is necessary to fix a problem it has created.

For now, you still have curbside electronic recycling as a Riverwoods resident!

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Notification System

The Village of Riverwoods utilizes Blackboard Connect service for emergency resident notification side-by-side with the Village non-emergency resident email database. As a resident or business you can opt-in to emergency messages, non-emergency messages or both.

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