September/October 2017

The Village of Riverwoods held a Town Hall meeting on August 8th to explain the process and status of the Deerfield Road project and to receive the opinions, concerns and suggestions from our residents. The new village meeting room was completely filled with standing room only. Every person was given an opportunity to speak. The main concerns were flooding, taking of property, tree removal, extent of construction, bike/multiuse path, alternative improvement design, and other ecological issues.

Several core values were identified before and during the Town Hall meeting:

  • Preserving the natural wooded look of the corridor
  • Ease of crossing and pedestrian links
  • Saving valuable trees and maintaining a tree canopy
  • Protecting the woodland ecosystem
  • Avoiding concentrations of vehicles, pollution, noise
  • Safety
  • Water control (flooding)
  • Diminution of property values

The Village Board of Trustees will hold another Town Hall on the Deerfield Road project after the third Stakeholder Investment  Group meeting this fall, at which the Lake County Division of Transportation (LCDOT) is expected to present their range of alternatives and how they will be evaluated. This Town Hall should allow us to react to specific proposals and begin to form priorities.

Since the last Village Voice article on this subject, a few new details have been received:

  • A “No-Build” alternative will be evaluated.
  • If federal funds are not secured, LCDOT intends to fund the project using local funds.
  • Environmental impact in order of priority is to avoid, minimize, and mitigate.
  • Signal timing will be considered if accompanied by lane capacity improvement at Milwaukee intersection.
  • Traffic volumes following the Milwaukee Avenue changes, due to the forthcoming Woodman grocery store construction, will be added into the Deerfield Road Phase I Study once the construction permit has been obtained.
  • A more detailed explanation of projected population growth and employment in our area was done and will be added to the project Purpose and Need Statement. It showed a “relatively modest increase” of 3.3% over the next 22 years.
  • LCDOT is evaluating the effect of an intersection modification at Milwaukee Avenue and Deerfield Road.

Project related materials are posted on the website:

A video of the Town Hall meeting:

In addition, the Village has a standing agenda item at each Board meeting (1st and 3rd Tuesday at 7:30 PM) giving an update and hosts an email account where residents can post comments or questions is at

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