September/October 2016

By Bruce Dayno, Riverwoods Chief of Police

Riverwoods residents enjoy living in our unique community that was originally conceived to allow residents to live among the trees. It is a quiet and natural respite from traditional suburban living with its large heavily wooded lots accessible from private roads where some residents are able to house horses.  It is a relatively safe area with a low crime rate, but no community is immune to criminal activity. Many residents, having a false sense of security, regularly leave cars unlocked in driveways, doors to garages unlocked, and even doors to their homes unlocked.

Recently, car thieves have been preying on unlocked cars with keys or key fobs left inside throughout the Chicago area.  When they cannot start the unlocked cars, they take any valuables left inside.  On August 9th, the thieves struck in Riverwoods overnight, stealing two cars and burglarizing 3 others.  All of the cars that were stolen are believed to have been left unlocked, with the key fobs inside the cars.

I am pleased to report that at the time of this writing we have made two arrests related to the thefts and recovered some of the property.  Both stolen cars were found unoccupied in Chicago and are believed to have been used in the commission of other crimes.

Riverwoods is a wonderful place to live.  We have a low crime rate, but crime does occur here as it does everywhere.  The Riverwoods Police Department submits data on a monthly basis to the Illinois Uniform Crime Reporting Program, maintained by the Illinois State Police.  Below is what we reported in 2014 and 2015. Always lock your vehicles and garages.  Avoid leaving valuables in cars parked on the street or in your driveway.  Don’t become an easy crime victim.

Feel free to contact me with questions on target hardening or arranging for a security survey with Crime Prevention Officer Al Maciareillo.

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