Much has happened since the last edition of the Village Voice.

The Village government has moved to 320 Portwine (the house north of the old Village Hall) and recycling and demolition of the old Village Hall has begun. Please visit our web site dedicated to the construction project for pictures and a current update . You may remember that some of the beams, stairs and railings had initials carved into the wood. We are hoping to include some of these carvings as accent pieces in the new building and a reminder of our past history.

Portwine Road has been paved, with only a little finishing work to be completed. The project has moved forward faster than anticipated and come in under budget. No question the work was needed.

The Lock-Up Self Storage Company has begun construction of its facility on the western end of Deer eld Road (next to Brentwood North). They hope to finish by the end of the year.

As many of you are probably aware, Buffalo Grove has approved a major development project for the area just west of the intersection of Milwaukee and Deer eld Rd. The development will be anchored by a very large Woodman’s Store and the accompanying outbuildings (gas station, convenience mart, etc.). Multifamily housing and retail besides Woodman’s is part of the plan. The Village Board, the Plan Commission, and the Mayor Norris and friends ride in the Deer eld Fourth of July parade.

Strategic Land Use Committee are all aware of this plan and considering how to lessen any negative impact, such as increased traf c, while maximizing opportunities it may bring, such as improvement at the intersection to enhance traffic flow. One thing is certain: if this project does goes forward, it will have an impact on Riverwoods, especially western Riverwoods. Since the development is in a different municipality, our ability to control events is limited. We will need to work as a community to ensure that we have as much influence as possible.Finally, let me close with some good news. Through May 31, the General Fund is about $320,000 better than budget. Most of this, to the tune of approximately $310,000 comes from our being able to spend less than we thought we would. Revenues were only about $10,000 better than anticipated.

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