May/June 2016

Bill Kenney, Municipal Manager for Lakeshore Recycling Systems (LRS).

Hello, Residents of Riverwoods! – My name is Bill Kenney. I am the Municipal Manager for Lakeshore Recycling Systems (LRS). As you know, my company has proudly been the residential waste and recycling hauler for Riverwoods since the spring of 2012. It was in the fall of 2013 that I last had the opportunity to reach out to you, via the Riverwoods Village Voice. I am excited to have this opportunity again.

Let me start off by thanking the Village and its residents for continuing to set such an excellent example of how a community can make a difference by executing recycling best-practices. Few other municipalities that we serve participate with the amount of vigor and enthusiasm of Riverwoods citizens. Everyday our drivers and customer service representatives look forward to rewarding your reliability as good recyclers with the high service standards you expect.

First, a general update of what has been recently happening at LRS – in a word, lots. In June 2014, LRS purchased Heartland Recycling in Forest View, IIllinois. By aquiring this facility, LRS was able to increase its intake of solid waste to over 1.5M tons annually. Add to this the ability to reclaim up to 40% of recyclables from the waste stream that comes in, and we are one of the top performing recyclers in Chicagoland. In March of 2016, LRS opened up a state-of-the-art single-stream recycling facility based out of our Heartland facility. This operation is one of the most advanced in Chicagoland – harvesting and processing nearly 20 tons of recyclable material an hour.

On to matters more specific to the Village of Riverwoods. As pointed out earlier in this update, residents of Riverwoods already do an outstanding job. In general, no wholesale changes or alterations need to be suggested. However, there are always ways to tweek the process. For example: It’s always best to try and avoid contamination of recyclables by keeping in mind what is, and what is not considered ‘single-stream’ recycleable.

An abbreviated list of what is:

Paper Material – Magazines and catalogs, telephone books, kraft brown paper bags, corrugated cardboard, cereal boxes (food boxes in general), junk mail that is mixed paper Metal Material – Aluminum cans, aluminum foil, steel or tin cans, empty aerosol cans, aluminum baking trays/pie tins Plastic – Pop bottles, milk containers (dry, please), water bottles (with caps, please), margarine/butter tubs (no food residue), toiletry/beauty-aid bottles, laundry detergent bottles Glass Material – Glass bottles (clear, brown, green or blue) glass jars (clear, brown, green or blue) Milk Carton, Drink Boxes – Gable top milk & juice cartons (dry, please) juice boxes (dry, please)

An abbreviated list of what is not:

Carbon paper, carpet & cloth material, cardboard contaminated w/food, glass (non bottle or jar), glass (windows), food liquids, plastic bags (grocery bags / trash bags), plastic (saran wrap), plates or dishes,styrofoam, waxed cardboard (milk containers), waxed paper

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