Native Plant Sale Now Open!

The Annual Riverwoods Native Plant Sale has begun. Orders will be accepted through April 30th at 6pm via the Plant Sale Store.

For questions or special requests, please contact:
Sheila Hollander at (847) 945-4879 (
Betty Dlouhy at (847) 945-1255 (
Louise Simonson at (847) 945-7785 (

  • Pickup: Friday, May 17 (1-4pm)
  • Pickup: Saturday, May 18 (11am-1pm)
  • Payment due during pick up hours

Shop Now!

Village Community BBQ

All residents are invited to the Village BBQ during the plant sale pickup hours of 11-1pm on Saturday, May 18.  There will be neighbors to meet and good food to share. Our Village Ecologist, Steve Zimmerman, will be available to answer questions and offer information on the Village Cost-Share Programs.