The Village has installed a municipal water system primarily through the use of Special Service Areas to provide Lake Michigan water to a majority of Village residents. A large minority of residents continues to rely on private wells for their water either living in an area not served by the Village water system or choosing not to hook up to the system. The Village draws its water from Lake Michigan through an intergovernmental agreements with Northbrook and uses Swanson Water to provide routine service and system maintenance. The primary and continuing goals of the Water Department, is:

  • To provide fresh and safe potable water to Village residents by continuously monitoring, testing, and implementing E.P.A. regulations.
  • To maintain, repair and replace water main, water services and fire hydrants as needed, and to upgrade and improve the distribution system.
  • To install, repair, replace, and test all water meters and take meter readings of all residential and commercial establishments within the Village.
  • Monitor water tables in the Village through an ongoing program using six monitoring wells in the Village.

Water Consumer Confidence Report

Click here to view your current Annual Water Quality Report and learn more about your drinking water. If you have any questions regarding this report, please call 847-680-1113.


Riverwoods Lake Michigan Water System

Robert Ullrich

Gewalt Hamilton Associates, Inc.

Cell: 847-821-6290



Accounting Administrator Susan Crohn

Office: 847-945-3990 ext. 316

Fax: 847-945-4059

Serving the Village Since: 1998

Private Water Well Maintenance

Jack Schwall

Schwall Well & Pump Service

Office: 847-272-0534



Sanitary Sewer Grinder Pump Service Contractor

H.T. Strenger Plumbing

Office: 847-234-9440

(Call if alarm sounds or to report problems)

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Notification System

The Village of Riverwoods utilizes Blackboard Connect service for emergency resident notification side-by-side with the Village non-emergency resident email database. As a resident or business you can opt-in to emergency messages, non-emergency messages or both.

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