The Village has maintained a semi-rural character and has organized its functions so that it is not presently called upon to furnish extensive municipal services. Since the majority of streets in the Village remain privately owned and maintained, the Village does not have a public works department. It uses private contractors to maintain and snow plow Village-owned streets.

The Village provides enforcement of zoning and building regulations, police services, operation of the sanitary sewer and water systems, and maintenance of Village-owned streets and appurtenant drainage ditches.

The Village does not have departments for parks, library services or fire prevention, but residents in different parts of the Village are located within the overlapping jurisdiction of other governmental districts that do provide such services. Residents living in such districts pay property taxes levied by those districts, which are independent taxing bodies under Illinois law.

The Lincolnshire-Riverwoods Fire Protection District serves the west 2/3rds of the Village; the Deerfield-Riverwoods Fire Protection District serves the east 1/3rd of the Village. Under a mutual aid agreement, the two districts coordinate responses to emergency calls in the Village.

The Village is served by three elementary school districts and two high school districts. School attendance is based on the district in which a particular home is located.

Part of the Village is located within and served by the Vernon Area Public Library District, and those Village residents living in this district pay taxes to support the library and are entitled to use the library system. Village residents living outside the boundaries of a library district may purchase library cards from either the Vernon Public Library or the Deerfield Library to use the library system.

Part of the Village is located within and served by the Deerfield Park District, and those Village residents living in this district pay taxes to support the park district and are entitled to participate in its programs.

Residents may enroll in district programs but in some cases are subject to non-resident rates or do not enjoy the same priority as residents.

The Village has presently elected to be a member community of the North Suburban Special Recreation Association (NSSRA). The NSSRA is an intergovernmental association of districts and municipalities in the northern suburban area of Chicago that provides and facilitates year-round recreation programs and services for children and adults with disabilities who live in the member communities. Residents can learn about programs at the NSSRA website:

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Notification System

The Village of Riverwoods utilizes Blackboard Connect service for emergency resident notification side-by-side with the Village non-emergency resident email database. As a resident or business you can opt-in to emergency messages, non-emergency messages or both.

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