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September 28, 2021
7:30 P.M.

a. September 14, 2021
a. Report on September 2, 2021 public hearing meeting – including zoning text amendment to allow
video gaming at Shoppes of Riverwoods
b. Presentation by Tony Mestan, Accel Entertainment for the Applicant, Michael Somen
and Thomas Pekic, of M.T. Enterprises, Inc (re: video gaming)
a. Hazardous Tree Survey and Development of Ongoing Woodland Management Plan
b. Office of the Mayor Messages (email address for resident questions)
c. Completion of Signs (Electronic, Ecological, Trail Tales)
d. Review of Grant Administration Contract


a. Approval of Payment of $10,000 to Brushwood under the Memo of Understanding
b. Approval of Donation to the Deerfield Parents Network
c. Referral to the Plan Commission to consider modification of the Comprehensive Plan to add
townhome/residential to the land use map (for Federal Life property)


a. Litigation, Acquisition, Property, and Personnel


a. Board of Trustees meeting, October 5, 2021 – Note special time for budget review, 5:30 PM via
Zoom, balance of meeting to resume at 7:30 PM via Zoom



Village of Riverwoods
Board of Trustees Meeting
September 28, 2021

Michael Clayton
Liliya Dikin
Andrew Eastmond (arrived 7:33 pm)
Michael Haber
Henry Hollander
Rick Jamerson
Kris Ford, Mayor

Also Present:
Bruce Dayno, Police Chief
Patrick Glenn, Village Engineer
Russ Kraly, Director of Community Services
Bruce Huvard, Village Attorney
Daphne Paras, Village Clerk

Call to Order: 7:31 pm

Document Approval

Trustee Jamerson moved to approve the minutes of the September 14, 2021 Board of Trustees meeting. Trustee Haber seconded the motion. The motion passed by the following vote:

AYES: Clayton, Dikin, Haber, Hollander, Jamerson (5)
NAYS: None (0)

Approval of Bills

Trustee Haber moved to approve the bills. Trustee Jamerson seconded the motion. The motion passed by the following vote:

AYES: Clayton, Dikin, Eastmond, Haber, Hollander, Jamerson (6)
NAYS: None (0)

Treasurer and Finance Committee Report

Trustee Clayton will email the RFP for auditing services for the next three years. The RFP will be issued October 1, 2021 and the response deadline will be October 22, 2021. He will also send out the information for the October 5, 2021 budget review meeting.

Director of Community Services Report
The IML Conference in Chicago was held last weekend. A lot of good information was presented including proposed changes for TIF districts. There are a number of courses available for the Trustees. Mr. Kraly noted there was a roundtable session where the municipalities discussed what is happening in their towns.

Mr. Kraly found a property with a lot of piled dirt. They do not have a permit so they were red tagged.

Attorney’s Report

Mr. Huvard noted counsel for the developers for the possible distribution center on Milwaukee are still interested in talking to Riverwoods. Mayor Ford would like to have discussions with the most affected residents starting next week. Trustee Jamerson believes it is important that the Village is proactively working with residents, business owners and the developer. If the development goes into Buffalo Grove, it would adversely affect residents in the area.

Mr. Huvard explained Lexington Homes is preparing a submittal for the Plan Commission. They asked if there was any feedback from the Trustees. Plan Commission Ch. Laurie Breitkopf asked if Lexington Homes has committed to affordable housing. Mr. Huvard explained they would present a proposal to the Plan Commission.

Mr. Huvard noted the Center for Holistic Health on Saunders Road is on the market. A potential buyer contacted the Village for a limited food market with healthy food, light snacks and nutrition classes. The potential buyer asked if this use would be allowed at that location. Mr. Huvard suggested treating the property as part of the Office Compatible District and would prepare a Text Amendment for the Plan Commission. Mayor Ford noted this potential applicant has a similar business in Lake Bluff.

Mr. Huvard noted the Village closed on the bond issues for the SSAs.

Engineer’s Report

Mr. Glenn reported the preconstruction meeting for the road program will take place tomorrow morning. He will share the broad outline of the proposed construction area with the SSAs. Mr. Glenn noted the meter upgrades have started. They are completing approximately 20 houses per day.

Plan Commission Report

Report on September 2, 2021 Public Hearing including Zoning Text Amendment to allow video gaming at Shoppes of Riverwoods

Ch. Breitkopf noted the Plan Commission submitted a report on video gaming for the Board’s review. She summarized the Plan Commission’s findings. The PC held a Public Hearing on September 2, 2021. There were about 25 residents in attendance with 8 residents speaking. Neither the Plan Commission nor the residents were not in favor of the proposal.

Tony Mestan with Accel Entertainment made a presentation video gaming on behalf of applicants Michael Somen and Thomas Pekic of M.T. Enterprises, Inc.

Mr. Mestan explained they are the premier parlor terminal operator in Illinois with 23 percent of all gaming parlor locations. The company was built on local partnership and they do not outsource service, collections or relationship management. Mr. Mestan explained Baby Vegas Café wants to open in Riverwoods. Their Hoffman Estates location is #1 out of 33 video gaming facilities in Hoffman Estates. They are good corporate citizens and do a lot of the community. Mr. Mestan noted the expected annual revenue for Riverwoods will be between $43,000 and $49,000 per year.

Trustee Jamerson noted Baby Vegas Café would be a franchisee of Accel Entertainment, who provides them with back-office support. Mr. Mestan explained Accel Entertainment is a terminal operator which provides the video gaming terminals and slot machines for their customers. Baby Vegas Café is a customer of Accel Entertainment. Trustee Jamerson noted the Plan Commission expressed concern over the name. Mr. Pekic explained their Hoffman Estates location has murals of Vegas hotels, pictures of Elvis Presley, etc. The name has been very well received and patrons frequently share their experiences from Las Vegas in the 1970s. The Trustees discussed the tax rate for municipalities. Mr. Mestan explained, per the Illinois Gaming Board, the municipality gets 5 percent. Mr. Huvard noted the Village can license the terminals at an average of $400 per machine. Mr. Mestan explained they propose six (6) terminals, which is the maximum allowed by the State. Trustee Jamerson asked about the competition. Mr. Mestan explained there are two locations less than ½ mile from the proposed location have revenue of about $1 million. They believe Baby Vegas Café will be very successful, as the market is not saturated. Mr. Pekic explained it is about the customer service and they do everything they can to maximize the customers’ experiences.

Trustee Hollander believes if something is legal, it is difficult for a Village or Trustee to question the morality or ethics. People have their personal opinions. The Plan Commission felt strongly that this is not the type of business they want in Riverwoods. He asked how to answer the resident’s concern that this is not the type of business they want. Mr. Mestan explained a lot of it is not understanding what they bring to the table. If you look at the industry, there is no crime. There will not be more than eight (8) people in the building at one time. Mr. Mestan explained they bring a customer experience. A resident at the Plan Commission expressed concern that the business is taking advantage of senior residents. He explained video gaming is a growth business. Municipalities rely on the revenue generated by video gaming. Mr. Pekic suggested showing the community the direction of how the money could assist the Village. Trustee Dikin pulled up a study by the University of Illinois showing a 6-7 percent increase in crime in the City of Chicago where there is video gaming. Mr. Mestan explained there is no video gaming in the City of Chicago. Trustee Dikin explained the primary demographic for Baby Vegas Café is females between 45 and 75. She noted the typical demographic of gamers contradicts this data. Mr. Mestan explained their demographic is for gaming in a café. Mr. Pekic explained people like a smaller, controlled environment. They clean and sanitize the machines after each use. Mr. Somen explained women feel safer in smaller environments.

Trustee Eastman asked if there is any proxy market close to Riverwoods, with low density and a low amount of business, etc. The other markets shown by the petitioners are not comparable to Riverwoods. Mr. Mestan explained Riverwoods is unique, being upscale with low density. Trustee Haber noted the business is not trying to cater to Riverwoods residents, as the location is on Milwaukee Avenue. Mr. Mestan explained Milwaukee Avenue is a huge thoroughfare with a safe environment and clean streets. The location is unique and they want the opportunity to be in that location. Trustee Hollander noted Riverwoods is in situation where the retail market is changing and trustees are being forced to approve businesses that would not have been considered previously. He asked what types of businesses surround gaming facilities. Mr. Mestan has locations next to barber shops, nail salons, high-end retail, restaurants, etc. It is very diverse.

Mayor Ford noted this is not an actionable agenda item. If the Board wants to take a next step, they can direct the Village Attorney to prepare approval documents for the Board to consider at the October 19, 2021 Board of Trustees meeting.

Trustee Haber moved to prepare the appropriate documents for Board consideration. Trustee Hollander seconded the motion. The motion passed by the following vote:

AYES: Clayton, Dikin, Eastmond, Haber, Hollander, Jamerson (6)
NAYS: None (0)

Police Report

Chief Dayno indicated the Police Activity Report is attached to the end of the minutes.

Information Items from the President

1. Hazardous Tree Survey and Development of Ongoing Woodland Management Plan
Mayor Ford noted Trustee Eastmond, Kristin Stewart, Russ Kraly and Steve Zmmerman will meet to form a Woodlands Management Plan.

2. Office of the Mayor Messages (email address for resident questions)
The new email address is active. The Village has received email form 4 residents and some non-residents.

3. Completion of Signs (Electronic, Ecological, Trail Tales)
Trail Tales is nearing the end. The other signs have been installed.

4. Review of Grant Administration Contract
Mayor Ford is considering hiring someone to review grants for roads and the police department. The firm presented other interesting projects as well. She recommends going forward with grant administration at this point.

Visitors wishing to address the Board

Michael Schaffer discussed the Noise Ordinance. He played a snippet of the audio his family hears every weekend. Ravinia Green Country Club allows parties up until 11:00 pm. Because of the noise, his family can no longer enjoy their deck or outdoors. Living on country club is beautiful, but not the constant bar-like activities. The noise has affected his family’s work productivity and stress levels. Mr. Schaffer has continually contacted the Riverwoods police, but they have not had success going to the country club. The country club stated it is their right to have parties as long as they comply with the hours stated in the Ordinance. Mr. Schaffer explained the Riverwoods website states Riverwoods is like nowhere else. He asked the Board to assist in fixing the situation.

Trustee Jamerson noted the Village’s noise Ordinance not only stipulates hours, but also restricts the audible noise to 50 feet. He understands the bass vibrates everything. Chief Dayno sent the Ordinance to the General Manager of Ravinia Green Country Club. He explained the department can ask them to turn down the music. If they do not comply, the department can request the music be turned off. The Ordinance is very clear. Ch. Breitkopf explained the Plan Commission discussed this when the Ordinance was changed. Trustee Clayton encouraged Chief Dayno to increase the patrol on the weekend. Trustee Hollander believes if it happens three or four times a season, they should lose the right to have outside parties. Trustee Jamerson noted when Club Corp took over Ravinia Green, the noise was discussed at great length. Mr. Huvard did not think they would move large speakers and have a loud bass. Mayor Ford explained a lot of the events were indoors, but with Covid, they moved outdoors. He believes the location and construction of the tents will help mitigate some of the noise. Mr. Schaffer explained it was tolerable before Covid, with about 6 events a season. Now there are numerous events each weekend. Trustee Dikin some municipalities have a decibel level stated in the Ordinance. She asked about the consequences for non-compliance. Trustee Ford added the GM offered to get a decibel meter but the noise depends on the wind. Mr. Huvard suggested talking with Club Corp, as they stated they wanted to be a good corporate citizen. Trustee Jamerson noted the penalty is $75 – $750 per offense. Mr. Kraly suggested reducing the hours. Mayor Ford suggested the first step should be to increase supervision.

New Business

1. Approval of payment of $10,000 to Brushwood under the Memo of Understanding

Trustee Jamerson moved to approve the payment of $10,000 to Brushwood under the Memorandum of Understanding. Trustee Clayton seconded the motion. The Trustees noted this was approved by the Board with the bills. Trustee Jamerson withdrew his motion.

2. Approval of Donation to the Deerfield Parent Network

Trustee Haber moved to approve a donation of $1000 to the Deerfield Parent Network. Trustee Jamerson seconded the motion. Trustee Clayton expressed concern about the financial statements. It appears the Village is donating $1000 and the other municipalities donate $1250 combined. The Trustees would like additional information in the future. The motion passed by the following vote:

AYES: Clayton, Dikin, Eastmond, Haber, Hollander, Jamerson (6)
NAYS: None (0)

3. Referral to the Plan Commission to consider modification under the Comprehensive Plan to add townhome/residential to the land use map (Federal Life property)

The Federal Life property will need to be rezoned when Lexington applies for a residential development likely at the December Plan Commission meeting. The best practice is to grant a rezoning that is consistent with the land use categories in the Comprehensive Plan. The land use category does not speak to density or specific design elements; rather it simply speaks to the nature of the land use that should be encouraged. If the Village makes this change, the TIF #2 district redevelopment plan would be more aligned with the new residential purpose.

Trustee Jamerson moved to refer the possible modification to the Comprehensive Plan to the Plan Commission. Trustee Clayton seconded the motion. The motion passed by the following vote:

AYES: Clayton, Dikin, Eastmond, Haber, Hollander, Jamerson (6)
NAYS: None (0)

Old Business

There was no Old Business.

Good of the Order

Trustee Clayton requested varying the order of the roll call. Clerk Paras explained with Zoom, it made more sense to call the roll alphabetically, but would vary the roll call order in the future.

Public Comment

There was no additional Public Comment on Zoom, in person or via email.


There being no further business to discuss, Trustee Haber moved to adjourn the meeting. Trustee Clayton seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously on a voice vote.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:19 p.m.

The next regular meeting of the Board of Trustees will take place via Zoom on October 5, 2021 at 5:30 p.m. for the budget review. The balance of the meeting will resume at 7:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Daphne Paras
Village Clerk

Transcribed by:
Jeri Cotton




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