October 15, 2019 7:30 pm


Status Scheduled

Group Board of Trustees

Location 300 Portwine Road Riverwoods, IL 60015


October 15, 2019- 7:30 P.M.

• BOT – October 1, 2019
• BOT – September 17, 2019

Halloween Saturday October 26 at 3:30 -7:00 pm

  1. Halloween Saturday, October 26 at 3:30 -7:00 pm
  2. Public v. Private Streets Update – Village Attorney

New Business

Old Business


• Litigation, Acquisition, Property, and Personnel
• Board of Trustees –November 5, 2019 -7:30 PM


Village of Riverwoods

Board of Trustees Meeting

October 15, 2019



In Attendance:

Cheryl Chamberlain

Eric Goldstein

Michael Haber

Henry Hollander

Rick Jamerson

John Norris, Mayor


Absent was:

Michael Clayton

Also Present:

Bruce Dayno, Police Chief

Bruce Huvard, Village Attorney

Daphne Paras, Village Clerk

Patrick Glenn, Village Engineer

Rob Durning, Director of Community Development

Hal Roseth, Village Treasurer


Call to Order:  7:30 pm

Approval of Minutes

Trustee Jamerson moved to approve the minutes from the September 17, 2019 Board of Trustees meeting.  Trustee Chamberlain seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously on a voice vote with Trustee Jamerson abstaining.

Trustee Jamerson moved to approve the minutes from the October 1, 2019 Board of Trustees meeting.  Trustee Chamberlain seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously on a voice vote.


Treasurer’s Report

Mr. Roseth indicated the available total funds are up $1.6 million since August.  Trustee Chamberlain indicated this partly was from the Landmark Dividend payment. Mayor Norris added it was also due to the second installment of taxes.  The average yield for the Village’s investments is about 1.85 percent currently. He expects the renewals to be about 2 percent.  The face value is about $11 million.


Director of Community Services Report

Mr. Durning reported the bidding ended for the Village’s snow plowing and he hopes to have a recommendation for the next Board of Trustees meeting.


Plan Commission Report

Mr. Huvard reported the Plan Commission will hold a Public Hearing on November 7 to consider a Text Amendment to add a cannabis dispensary in the B1 business district.  They will hold another Public Hearing for a health and wellness store in Colonial Court. Some of the products in the health and wellness store have CBD oil in them.  They would not be selling e-cigarettes or liquor.  There is a list of uses that are approved for Colonial Court.  The Plan Commission needs to update that list.  Mr. Huvard explained they will consider that use as a potential use in that district.  The Zoning consideration is defining the use.

There is a meeting this Friday with Teska Associates for the 37 acres and Milwaukee Avenue Corridor.  He has some sketches to present for discussion.  Mr. Huvard also heard from the attorneys for Thornton’s.

Mr. Huvard did more research on the private street issue and received info regarding historical records.  He will report back at next Board of Trustees meeting.


Police Report

Chief Dayno reported the police activity report is attached to the end of the minutes.  October 10, an arrest was made for theft of a golf club from a bag at the Deerfield Golf Club that occurred in July 2018.  He was also charged with resisting arrest.


Information Items and Comments from the President

  1. Halloween Party – October 26, 2019 from 4:30 – 7:00. Village Clerk Daphne Paras is doing a great job and needs more volunteers. She is also looking for volunteers on Friday for decorating.
  2. Public vs. Private Streets Update – This was handled in the Village Attorney’s report.
  3. SWALCO recycling event – Mayor Norris thanked Louise Simonson for a huge event.Ms. Simonson noted this event was a partnership among the Village, the RPC and SWALCO. There were 120 vehicles in 3 hours.  58 came from Riverwoods and the rest came from 17 other communities.  In Riverwoods, the residents primarily found out from the Village Voice.  They collected 70 eye glasses, 5 hearing aids, 350 pair of shoes, textiles and clothing-1400-1500 lbs., stuffed animals, 2 guitars, 10 flags, crayons and markers, 3000 pounds of paper were shredded, and much more.  Mayor Norris noted these will both stay out of landfill and go to people in need.


Visitors Wishing to Address the Board

Stuart Wein was pleased that the Village went out to bid for something.  He lives on a private road and has not had a great experience.  He moved in 2005 and wanted to be a good neighbor.  He noted things are covered perfectly on paper and on some streets, it works out.  On his street, there is no due diligence, responsiveness or efficiency.  Part of his street backs up to the police station area.  There is a lot of overgrowth.  Per his bylaws, someone should handle this.  But, things are just not done.  Although there are elections, the leadership does not change.  He noticed a common dynamic between good and poor roads; one person really dominates and runs it.  You are lucky if you have someone good that knows what they are doing.  But what if you do not have someone and live on a road that is not functioning well.  There is no planning or thought on his street.  They have a 20 year old street that will need to be redone.  He asked if there could be some planning.  Mr. Wein hopes the Village can evaluate this type of situation with poor streets and dysfunctional administration.  He hopes his street could come under Village management and needs some empathy.  There are some great streets and he is jealous.  Mr. Wine is reaching out to the Village about helping those streets with poor management and hopes a quality assessment is performed before turning all roads to privately run roads.  He wants to live on a street that has decent maintenance.


Approval of Bills

Trustee Jamerson moved to approve the bills.  Trustee Haber seconded the motion.  Trustee Chamberlain noted the report received by the Trustees has some incorrect entries for the budgeted amount.  Please let her know if anyone finds incorrect items.  The motion passed by the following vote:

AYES:  Chamberlain, Goldstein, Haber, Hollander, Jamerson (5)
NAYS:  None (0)


New Business

Consideration and possible approval of Village garden

Many residents have requested a Village garden.  The Village identified a location near the police station. Sheila Hollander took on the project and received a number of bids and volunteers to participate should the Trustees decide to move forward.

Ms. Hollander explained this was a 4 month process.  She was surprised at the number of people who were interested in the project.  There was one small Village Voice article and she received interest from 12 people.  Mayor Norris noted the location would be next to the police station with twelve 4’x8’ garden plots.  She noted some of the plots would be shareable.  Ms. Hollander noted the site is fantastic.  There would be parking available and have all day sun.  Mayor Norris noted the Village is donating the use of the space.  The Plant Committee donated $20,000 and the RPC donated $10,850.  She is asking the Village Board to donate $10,000.  The total project cost is $40,850.

Mr. Huvard noted the Village cannot donate the land; rather, they need to structure it so it works.  The Village will reimburse for supplies, which will need to be documented. He stressed the Village is not entering into a contract.  Mr. Huvard noted the Village should have some thought about conflicts and issues that may come up over time.  There needs to be some legal framework.  Mayor Norris agrees.  Should the Board decide to move forward, they need to determine the length of time and if reimbursement is needed if the land is needed for a different use in the future.  A land use agreement needs to be worked out and the RPC and Plant Committee need to realize it may not be a long-term commitment by the Village.

Trustee Chamberlain likes that the plan because it contemplates future supervision and costs, including charging a small amount to those who would have a plot.  Mayor Norris indicated this would be something the Village provides for the residents.  Trustee Haber expressed concern because only a limited amount of people can utilize it.  He thinks there should be a lottery program where those that participate the first year are on the bottom of the list the next year.  Mayor Norris expressed concern that he will need to find more open space with a lot of sunlight for more community gardens in the future.  Ms. Hollander views this as a pilot project.  Trustee Goldstein asked about the anticipated costs per lot per year for material and labor.  Ms. Hollander believes upkeep on the garden, other than first 4 plots which are ADA compliant with crushed limestone, will have low maintenance.  The crushed limestone and soil may need to be replaced every few years and the deer netting may need to be fixed.  There will be very little maintenance.  Ms. Hollander noted in the beginning there would be one raised bed.

Trustee Jamerson moved to approve the Village donation of $10,000 and the use of the land and water, subject to working out a detailed agreement.  Trustee Chamberlain seconded the motion.

Trustee Haber noted that as of January 1, 2020, people in Illinois can grow marijuana.  Mayor Norris noted that is only for medicinal purposes.  Ms. Hollander indicated it would be banned anyway.


The motion passed by the following vote:

AYES:  Chamberlain, Goldstein, Haber, Hollander, Jamerson (5)
NAYS:  None (0)


Consideration and possible approval of new messaging sign and Village signage

The Branding and Education Committee and Trustee Chamberlain did a lot of work on this.  Trustee Chamberlain is looking for consensus to either move forward with one of these companies or not.  The Village needs new signage because the current sign is falling apart and is not readable.  A new Village sign has been discussed for 5 years; now that the Village is going through a branding effort, it seems like an appropriate time.  Trustee Chamberlain worked with Bob Hammer, architect and Trustee Jamerson.  She reached out to 6 companies and 2 followed up with her.  The first sign will be at Deerfield and Riverwoods Roads.  The Committee prefers the first sign with the wood and a stone base.  The basic concept is more rustic, has a digital component and the stone is similar to Village Hall.  The wood is also similar to what is on the current sign.  The sign from the second company has more of a modern look and does not match the Village Hall as well.  Mayor Norris noted the first sign would be easier to mimic for the smaller signs.  The estimated cost is $97,000 for the preferred sign while the second sign is approximately $66,000.  The two companies recommended different communication systems.  Trustee Hollander noted the electronic portion of the preferred sign is about 2’.  Mayor Norris explained the text size can be changed.  Trustee Chamberlain indicated they want the sign big enough to be read but not too large so it is distracting.

Trustee Haber questioned whether Omega (the company with the preferred sign) owns the design or if it could be bid on by other potential vendors.  Trustee Chamberlain noted it is Omega’s design.  The committee considered an RFP and had discussed this with the Board, but did not know what they wanted or needed.  Trustee Haber noted the bids are very different.  He would think the Trustees should agree on a design and put it out for bid to get the best price.  The design may need to be updated.

Trustee Goldstein likes the look of the signs but is not in favor of an electronic screen.  If someone wants to know what is going on in the Village, they go to the Village Voice, mailings, Website, etc.  He also suggested we investigate investing in other forms of communication such as a mobile platform. Having notifications in 1 spot of the Village is not ideal as some of our residents may not regularly pass the proposed sign.  In addition, he questioned whether it is a good idea to have the communication of our village events and business available for all who pass through Riverwoods. In addition, residents of North Riverwoods would rarely pass that sign.

Trustee Jamerson likes the sign.  Some of Riverwoods is young families, but there are a lot of older residents that do look at signs.  He thinks this would be a big improvement.  Trustee Jamerson has an issue with soliciting designs from a company and putting it out to bid.  If we come up with a different design, that is fine.

Trustee Hollander noted many times the only impression people have of the Village is what they see on Deerfield Road.  If they see a good-looking sign, they get one impression.  He thinks this sign has value above and beyond the cost.

Stuart Wein likes the sign.  If readability is a big thing, he suggested putting the Riverwoods portion on the bottom panel.  He does not think people will be able to read it.  Mr. ein likes the presentation but questioned whether it will be readable at 35 mph.  He suggested going to other companies with the elements, but not the design.

Trustee Chamberlain requested direction.  Trustee Haber suggested giving all designs to Bob Hammer as well as the comments to develop our own design.  Bob Hammer could make a new design then we can go back to companies to bid on the design.  He thinks all signs in the community should be done at the same time.  Trustee Chamberlain is not comfortable with that,   because she has a moral objection to sharing a company’s design without their consent. Also,  the Committee did not like the other design.  She would not want to mash 2 signs designs together.  Mayor Norris would like to negotiate for a better price, but has some challenges as to how far to go.  He would look for general approval of the basic design that was recommend by committee and whether we want the electronic portion.  Trustee Chamberlain noted they have not negotiated price at all.  She would ask them what to do to bring cost down as well as buy all signs at once.  Mr. Huvard noted if they come back with a high price on all signs, he would recommend negotiating.  Trustee Chamberlain suggested going back to ask what changes could be made to bring the cost down.  Trustee Goldstein noted the cost of the electronic sign is about $40,000-$50,000 more.  If the Village invests that money in mobile infrastructure, it would reach more people and would be a better way to spend money.  Mayor Norris suggested getting the price difference before making decision.  Trustee Haber looked at the 2nd design and noted there are no dimensions.  If the peak were removed and the base were lowered, the size of the sign would be similar.

Trustee Haber moved to spend up to $2000 to have village architect develop a set of plans for an electronic sign which the Trustees can view and determine how to proceed.  Trustee Chamberlain noted the logo would be aluminum on the second sign.  Trustee Jamerson does not believe $2000 will be enough money for Bob Hammer to develop plans.  Trustee Haber changed the motion to have Bob Hammer come up with a general design for the signs in an amount up to $2000.  Trustee Jamerson seconded the motion.

Trustee Hollander questioned why the Village architect was not used during this process.  Trustee Chamberlain indicated Mr. Hammer suggested keeping the signs consistent with the material used.  Trustee Hollander believes the Trustees need a good reason to stray from the Committee’s recommendation.  Trustee Haber noted the process is sometimes flawed.  It seems this work is going for naught.  This gave us a good understanding on the possibilities; however, the Board wants to tweak it before spending almost $100,000.

Trustee Goldstein believes there needs to be a better understanding what the Board wants for signage. Trustee Goldstein moved to approve a sign for the corner of Deerfield and Saunders without an electric component.  There was no second.  Trustee Haber withdrew his original motion.

Trustee Haber moved to approve a sign for the Village of Riverwoods to be located on the corner of Deerfield and Saunders with a digital/electronic component.  Trustee Jamerson seconded the motion.  Trustee Chamberlain reminded Board that she asked if they wanted an RFP and the Board said no.  The motion passed by the following vote:

AYES:  Haber, Hollander, Jamerson, Chamberlain

NAYS:  Goldstein

Trustee Haber moved to spend up to $2000 with the Village Architect to review the proposals and create sign designs for the corner of Saunders and Deerfield as well as the entry ways to the Village.  Trustee Hollander seconded the motion.  Trustee Jamerson noted signs are very specialized and is not sure Bob Hammer designs signs.  The motion did not pass by the following vote:

AYES:  Hollander, Haber

NAYS:  Jamerson, Chamberlain, Goldstein

Trustee Chamberlain suggested asking if Bob Hammer has any additional feedback and go from there.  When more information is received, including the difference between sign parts, sizes and prices she will come back to Board.  She will also ask the 2nd sign company to tweak their sign as well.  This will be continued.


Approval of AES proposal for year two of ten year woodland maintenance plan for Village owned properties

Mayor Norris noted the 10 year plan was already approved.  The Village already spent nearly $100,000.  The Village will realize some savings next year because the woodlands are responding well to the work AES has done.

Trustee Jamerson moved to approve year two of the ten-year woodland maintenance plan in the amount of $9,847.  Trustee Chamberlain seconded the motion.  The motion passed by the following vote:

AYES:  Chamberlain, Goldstein, Haber, Hollander, Jamerson (5)
NAYS:  None (0)


Approval of Recommendation to award contract for Police Department Trailer Pad installation to Canyon Contracting in an amount not to exceed $14,750.00.

The police department received a donated trailer that has been parked in the mud.  This is for creation of the pad. The concrete material is less expensive in the long run.  The cost difference between asphalt and concrete is minimal, but it would be difficult to install asphalt at this time.

Trustee Jamerson believes it is against Village Ordinance to park it in the dirt.  Also, we have an Ordinance that states it needs to be shielded.  Mr. Glenn noted it is screened from view.

Trustee Jamerson moved to award the contract for the police department trailer pad installation to Canyon Contracting in an amount not to exceed $14,750.  Trustee Chamberlain seconded the motion.  The motion passed by the following vote:

AYES:  Chamberlain, Goldstein, Haber, Hollander, Jamerson (5)
NAYS:  None (0)


Old Business

Resolution R19.10.05 on complete streets policy

Mr. Huvard discussed the redline version of the Resolution.  He added the word public in a few places, because this is really not about private streets.

Trustee Chamberlain moved to adopt a Resolution on the Village of Riverwoods Complete Streets Policy.  Trustee Jamerson seconded the motion.  The motion passed by the following vote:

AYES:  Chamberlain, Goldstein, Haber, Hollander, Jamerson (5)
NAYS:  None (0)


Consideration and possible approval of an Ordinance amending the Ordinance establishing procedures for sale of real property

Mayor Norris explained this is an attempt to correct what was previously passed.  Counsel’s recommendation is to go to 2/3 of a majority.  Mr. Huvard noted there are about 30 instances where a super majority is needed.  He thinks 2/3 of the time, it is expressed as 2/3 of a majority.  The Mayor can always vote with a super majority.  2/3 of a corporate authority is 5 affirmative votes.  Mr. Huvard thought that would give the greatest flexibility and is the most consistent with other instances.  Another change was trying to sell property in the TIF would be subject to specific conditions including a regular majority.  He recommended keeping within the TIF statute and not have competing methodologies.  There are also instances of a super majority where the purchase or lease comes over time.  This would be parallel to sale disposition.

Trustee Haber questioned whether there should be 2/3 of the Trustees exclusive of the Mayor, so there is a separation between legislation and the executive branch.  He would want the vote to be by ¾ of the Trustees rather than determined by a Mayor’s vote.  Mr. Huvard questioned whether the Village should stay consistent with what is done most of the time.  He is concerned as Riverwoods is a home rule community and is deliberately restricting what can be done.  Mayor Norris understands the comment about separation, but when purchasing or selling property, may want to have both the executive and legislature agree.  Trustees could override Mayor.  Mayor Norris noted a vote would need 5 without the Mayor or 4 plus the Mayor.  Trustee Chamberlain would not want a situation where 1 Trustee could hold up a vote.

Trustee Hollander believes the standard should be the same for a purchase or sale.  He likes the higher standard and believes it is reasonable to have agreement from 5 Trustees.

Mr. Huvard questioned whether regulations in the TIF would need to be updated.  The Trustees believe the TIF district would be excluded.  Trustee Haber expressed concern about acquisition of what would cost the Village a lot of money.  He would like to out in a threshold.

Trustee Hollander moved for First Reading of the Ordinance.  Trustee Goldstein seconded the motion.  Trustee Haber noted if this does not pass, the existing Ordinance sunsets on December 17, 2019.  The motion passed on a voice vote with Trustees Chamberlain and Jamerson voting against the motion.



There being no further business to discuss, Trustee Chamberlain moved to adjourn the meeting.  Trustee Jamerson seconded the motion.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:28 pm.

The next regular meeting of the Board of Trustees will take place on November 4, 2019 at 7:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Daphne Paras

Transcribed by: Jeri Cotton


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