June 5, 2018 7:30 pm


Status Scheduled

Group Board of Trustees

Location 300 Portwine Road Riverwoods, IL


June 5, 2018 7:30 P.M.

• BOT May 15, 2018
• Gewalt Hamilton
• Village Attorney
• Village Ecologist


1. Presentation by Walter Willis of SWALCO on status of SWALCO and current issues at June 19th BOT meeting.
2. Open Meetings Act Training – Required for each new term
On Line training at:



A. Presentation on 2017 Audit by Selden Fox and Acceptance of Audit Report.
B. Presentation on Branding Campaign and Resolution Approving Logo, Colors, etc. ; Discussion of Next Steps
C. Recommendation to Retain Studio Park Avenue for Landscape Architectural/Professional Design Services for Review of Eco – Campus Plan in General, and at 320 Portwine in Particular
D. An Ordinance Amending The Riverwoods Village Code And Fee Schedule Concerning Extra Duty Officers, Registration Of Solicitors, Ecological Cost-Share Programs And Tree Mitigation Fees – 1st Reading
E. Review of Proposals and Acceptance of Municipal Electrical Aggregation Supply Agreement
F. An Ordinance Concerning Film Production Permits in the Village Of Riverwoods – 1st Reading.



– Trustee Haber Legal/ Public Works
– Trustee Chamberlain .External Communications/Bike Path/ Environment
– Trustee Jamerson Police/Building
– Trustee Ford NSSRA/Treasurer Liaison
– Trustee Goldstein Communications/IT/ Budget
– Trustee Hollander ………………………….Roads /Zoning/Planning and Land Use

• Litigation, Acquisition of Property, and Personnel
• June 19, 2018– 7:30 PM



Village of Riverwoods

Board of Trustees Meeting

June 5, 2018



In Attendance:

Cheryl Chamberlain
Kristine Ford
Eric Goldstein (arrived 7:38 pm)
Michael Haber
Henry Hollander
John Norris, Mayor
Also Present:
Bruce Dayno, Police Chief
Patrick Glenn, Village Engineer
Bruce Huvard, Village Attorney
Rob Durning, Director of Community Services
Hal Roseth, Village Treasurer
Rick Jamerson


Call to Order:  7:30 PM

Approval of Minutes

Trustee Chamberlain moved to approve the minutes from the May 15, 2018 Board of Trustees meeting.  Trustee Haber seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously on a voice vote.

Director of Community Services Report

Mr. Durning reported that there will be a couple of major tickets coming up this month. Some of the violations have been corrected while others have not.  A second letter is going out to homeowners on septic reminding them to get their systems tested and certified.

Plan Commission Report

Ms. Graditor explained that the Plan Commission is looking at the Comprehensive Plan and will be discussing vision statements.  Mr. Huvard added that the Plan Commission will be looking at woodlands, drainage and gateway streets and paths at the meeting on Thursday.

Treasurer’s Report

Mr. Roseth will have the May statements shortly.  He will meet with the Village’s investment advisor on the state of funds.

Engineer’s Report

Mr. Glenn reported that the bid opening for the roadway work will be next Tuesday.

Village Attorney Report

Mr. Huvard reported there will be a Resolution before the Board at the next Board of Trustees meeting setting a time and place for a Public Hearing on establishing a second TIF district.  He noted that some of the upcoming roadwork is for SSA 19.  There is a possibility of a bond ordinance on the next agenda.  The Trustees will have a First Reading of the Fee Schedule.  He urged the Trustees to send any questions to him.

Mr. Huvard noted that Lake Shore has sent a contract renewal proposal to the Village.    The new contract will be for three years terminating at the same time as Deerfield and Bannockburn does. This will allow Deerfield, Bannockburn and Riverwoods to go out to bid at the same time. Mayor Norris noted that the prices from Lake Shore are less than the cost seven years ago from Waste Management.

Mr. Huvard met with Mayor Norris and representatives of Clark Street Realty to discuss a concept of engaging with them as a preferred developer.  They would work at no cost to the Village attempting to find a user for the Village-owned parcel on the southeast corner of Deerfield and Milwaukee. Clark would, ultimately, have the right to develop the building if they find someone who is acceptable to the Village. Mr. Huvard believes they made a compelling argument. The two other firms the Village met with have competing developments at that intersection. He asked Clark Street representatives to consider other options that would update Colonial Courts. Clark suggested focusing on the first project and then, possibly, looking at that afterwards.

Police Report

Chief Dayno presented highlights from the Police Report since the last Board of Trustees meeting.  The police report is attached to the end of the minutes.  Chief Dayno noted that on May 30th at 4:30 in the afternoon there was a report of criminal damage to property at the woodland preserve. Mr. Durning had the offensive graffiti painted over the next day. Yesterday, the police responded to an armed bank robbery at Chase Bank. The department is currently investigating it and working with the FBI.

Informational Items & Comments from the President

  • Presentation by Walter Willis of SWALCO on the status of SWALCO and current issues at the June 19, 2018 Board of Trustees meeting

Mr. Willis will discuss some of the programs SWALCO has going currently including the 60% diversion of the waste stream to recycling.

Trustee Chamberlain and Mayor Norris attended Open Meeting Act training.  The Village has to have an Open Meetings Act officer. Mayor Norris reminded the Trustees that they are obligated to complete the training each term.

Visitors Wishing to Address the Board

There were no visitors wishing to address the Board.

New Business

Ed Tracey with Selden Fox stated that their opinion was that the financial statements were fairly presented in accordance with a modified cash basis of accounting which is what the Village uses.  He went over some of the activity numbers.  The General Fund was about $800,000 over budget and expenses were about $500,000 under budget.  Mr. Tracey noted that the net pension liability was about $616,000 which was a decrease of between $20,000 and $30,000.

Mayor Norris summarized that the Village is in good financial condition.  The pension requirements are fully funded.  Trustee Chamberlain would like the Board to look at the water reserve funding. Mayor Norris agreed.

Trustee Chamberlain moved to accept the audit.  Trustee Ford seconded the motion.  The motion passed by the following vote:

AYES:  Chamberlain, Ford, Haber, Norris (4)

NAYS:  Hollander (1)

  • Presentation on Branding Campaign and Resolution approving Logo, Colors, etc.; Discussion on Next Steps

Ryan Schulz and Jodi Navta explained that they have worked for six months speaking with residents and performing research.  They spoke with more than 30 people; conducted a comparator review; read historical documents; looked at survey results, the campus plan, the comprehensive plan, etc. This evening, they will present an overview of the process, the logo and design, and roll out plan.

They looked at four different communities trying to accomplish what Riverwoods already has.  These were Serosun Farms (Hampshire IL), Tryon Farm (Michigan City, IN), Prairie Crossing (Grayslake, IL) and Serenbe (Chattahoochee Hills, GA).  All four communities had very clear messaging on who they are and what it would be like to live there.  Their emphasis is on community and togetherness.

They spoke with residents and found that there were the following common themes:

  1. Not everyone in Riverwoods cares the same way about the ordinances or stand for preserving the natural beauty of the Village. We lack a sense of community.
  2. Communication efforts have been lacking and we need a centralized, unified brand to rally around in order to gain participation and interest in preserving the woodlands.
  3. Residents are not pulling their weight in preservation efforts and perhaps they are unaware or were unaware of the ordinances during their buying process.

The demographic breakdown of residents they interviewed were diverse. The key insights arising from the interviews are: residents share many characteristics; residents want to give back but don’t know how or where; neighbors are important; building a community is all about redefining amenities and creating opportunities; Riverwoods is unique. In summary, residents feel that the character of Riverwoods is private, friendly, serene, wooded and engaging.


This provided three concepts for messaging:

  1. Preserve – When you have something so special, so unique, it’s not just a duty to take care of it for future generations; it is a privilege.
  2. At Home in the Woods – If you experienced it, you know what we are talking about; that moment in the woods; that moment where the whole world stops and waits for you. For many, making time for that moment can take a lot of effort.  For others, all they have to do is open their front door, invite the neighbors over, or go for a walk around the neighborhood.  For some, the woods aren’t that far away.  For some, the woods are home.  Welcome to the woods.
  3. More than Just a Home – Coming home can be the greatest feeling in the world, but we know that home is not a house. It’s not a driveway or a front porch.  Home is a place where you can plug in and unplug at the same time.  It’s an oasis.  It’s where you feel the most you, and you feel it the moment you arrive.  For us, it’s a place that isn’t made…it’s grown, together.  Our community has roots that run deep.  Character that has taken hundreds of years to create, and requires real care and attention to maintain.  We know it’s a remarkable place.  Even if you are just visiting, go ahead, take the long way home.


Mr. Schulz said they settled on this Riverwood’s sales pitch: Riverwoods is a secluded, woodlands preservation community, privately managed by 1440 individual landowners.  We take that responsibility seriously and are committed to protecting our oasis on the North Shore.


Mr. Schulz also presented a possible story for the Village website homepage as well as branding colors, font and a logo.  The logo shows four trees representing the woods with a river running through it.  He also presented some taglines or headlines for the Village including: Welcome to the woods; Room to breathe; Take the long way home; An island just north of the city; A home in the woods and Like no place else.

Ms. Navta suggested the next steps, which would occur over the next four months including: making updates to the Village website, social media, content, new resident welcome kit, realtor/contractor packet and Village Voice.

Trustee Hollander noted that the four communities all had common space that helped define the community.  Trustee Ford noted that not every area of Riverwoods has woodlands.  She inquired on how would the messaging work with areas without woodlands.  Ms. Navta explained that based on the interview, every area cares about the woodlands, and even though they choose not to live in the woodlands, they feel a pride in the beauty of the woodlands.

A Thorngate resident commented that he felt like an unwanted step child seeing that Thorngate is not woodlands. Mayor Norris stated that the presentation was, by his request, abbreviated. He noted that that is why the messaging is important. The Village needs a way to tie all parts of Riverwoods together.

Trustee Haber questioned whether any of the committee, other than Mayor Norris, was from Thorngate, Country Club Estates or Meadowlake.  He also asked how many of the residents interviewed were from those areas. He questioned whether these conclusions represent the entire community.  Ms. Navta noted that the residents responding represented a mix of the community.  They will get a breakdown of numbers by location.

Trustee Goldstein agrees that the identity of Riverwoods is the woodlands and the river, but he wants to ensure that the message and branding is inclusive of all residents in the Village.

Trustee Chamberlain noted that the interviews were only a part of the research, and that Jodi and Ryan also used information from many other documents which included a Village wide survey, the Comprehensive Plan and the strategic plan.

Mayor Norris is looking for general approval of the logo and basic themes.  He will speak with Jodi and Ryan to ensure everyone is included and that the message is universal for all residents.

Trustee Haber moved to approve the logo, font and recommended color schemes.  Trustee Ford seconded the motion.  The motion passed by the following vote:

AYES:  Chamberlain, Ford, Haber, Hollander (4)

NAYS:  Goldstein (1)

  • Recommendation to Retain Studio Park Avenue for Landscape Architectural/Professional Design Services for Review of Eco – Campus  Plan in General, and at 320 Portwine in Particular

Mayor Norris stated that the Village felt that they wanted a second opinion on the Campus Plan. They wanted someone with experience in not only landscaping, but also in recreational design. They received two proposals. The Studio Park Avenue proposal was significantly lower in price. In addition, the Village was impressed with the conversation they held with Mr. Kutscheid and recommend that the Board accept his proposal.

Ben Kutscheid, president of Studio Park Avenue, Ltd., explained that the proposal is a 3 part proposal. First, they inventory and analyze the existing site.  They will then take the concepts to the Village and work with them to synthesize and create a couple of concepts.  They will then put the information into a final plan and make a presentation.

Trustee Ford asked Mr. Kutscheid about projects he has been involved in that are similar to this one. Mr. Kutscheid stated that he has worked with park districts for 25 years, including Deerfield Park District, Highland Park, Wheeling, Northbrook, Lake Forest, etc.  He has worked on 300 parks including the restoration of Buckingham Fountain.  He has worked with Applied Ecological Services for 20 years.

Trustee Ford is a bit uncomfortable with a second opinion rather than working as a team.  Mayor Norris noted this is not meant to be hostile; rather, it is an attempt to answer questions raised by some Board members. Mr. Huvard expressed concern with the current plan because the play areas need to be ADA compliant and they are not. He has encouraged the Mayor to find someone with that expertise to make sure that the Village is not at risk. Trustee Haber questioned whether the scope is too broad. His recollection of the prior discussion of the current plan revolved around the location of the parking lot and minimizing the loss of mature trees and whether the plan was the best one in the long term. He suggested that maybe Mr. Kutscheid should look at the current plan and some of the concerns raised and articulate his opinion.  Mayor Norris explained that he had conveyed those concerns to Mr. Kuscheid. He told Mr. Kutscheid that he did not have to work within the current plan and to let the Village know if he had any major concerns with any part of the plan.

Trustee Haber moved to retain Studio Park Avenue for landscape architectural and professional design services for a review of the Eco-Campus plan in general and at 320 Portwine.  Trustee Chamberlain seconded the motion.  The motion passed by the following vote:

AYES:  Chamberlain, Goldstein, Haber, Hollander (4)

NAYS:  Ford (1)

  • An Ordinance Amending The Riverwoods Village Code And Fee Schedule Concerning Extra Duty Officers, Registration Of Solicitors, Ecological Cost-Share Programs And Tree Mitigation Fees – 1st Reading

Trustee Haber moved for First Reading of the Ordinance.  Trustee Chamberlain seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously on a voice vote.

  • Review of Proposals and Acceptance of Municipal Electrical Aggregation Supply Agreement

Mayor Norris noted that the Village’s current aggregation supply agreement is expiring.  The Village’s electrical supply industry consultant, Mike Mudge, provided rate proposals.  Mr. Mudge explained that the proposals are only good for 48 hours.

Trustee Chamberlain noted that there are three different accounts; the main one is for residents, one is for the pumping station and one is for street lighting.  Dynegy’s 3-year proposal is the lowest rate for the residents and pumping station. The rate for street lighting is slightly higher than that of MC2, but, administratively, it makes sense to go with Dynegy for all three accounts for 3 years.  Mayor Norris received a call from a resident that previously opted out of the program but now wants to opt in.  Mr. Mudge suggested that the resident wait for the letter coming out around July 1 on Village letterhead and follow the instructions in the letter.  Trustee Hollander suggested putting something in the Village Voice and on the website before the letter comes out.

Trustee Chamberlain moved to accept the 3-year bid from Dynegy for all three accounts.  Trustee Haber seconded the motion.  The motion passed by the following vote:

AYES:  Chamberlain, Ford, Goldstein, Haber, Hollander (5)

NAYS:  None (0)

  • An Ordinance Concerning Film Production Permits in the Village Of Riverwoods – 1st

Trustee Chamberlain moved for First Reading of the Ordinance.  Trustee Haber seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously on a voice vote.

Old Business

There was no Old Business.

Standing Committee Reports



There being no further business or discussion, Trustee Chamberlain moved to adjourn the meeting.  Trustee Haber seconded the motion.  The meeting was adjourned at 10:03 PM.

The next regular meeting of the Board of Trustees is scheduled for June 19, 2018 at 7:30 PM at Village Hall.

Respectfully submitted,

Irene Gagerman, Village Clerk

Transcribed by Jeri Cotton



Police Report

Building Report


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