January 9, 2018 7:30 pm


Status Completed

Group Board of Trustees

Location 300 Portwine Road Riverwoods, IL 60015


Village of Riverwoods
Board of Trustees Meeting
January 9, 2018


In Attendance:

Cheryl Chamberlain
Eric Goldstein
Michael Haber
Henry Hollander
Rick Jamerson
John Norris, Mayor

Kristine Ford
Also Present:
Bruce Dayno, Police Chief
Rob Durning, Director of Community Service
Patrick Glenn, Village Engineer
Bruce Huvard, Village Attorney
Irene Gagerman, Village Clerk

Call to Order: 7:50 PM

Approval of Minutes

Trustee Chamberlain moved to approve the minutes from the December 19, 2017 Board of Trustees meeting. Trustee Jamerson seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously on a voice vote with Trustee Haber abstaining.
Trustee Chamberlain moved to approve the minutes from the November 7, 2017 Executive Session meeting. Trustee Jamerson seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously on a voice vote.

Director of Community Services

Mr. Durning reported that one of the woodland preserve shelter panel exhibits has been vandalized and others are broken. He received a quote of about $2,000 to replace eight panels including labor. The panels should last about five or six years. Trustee Chamberlain does not believe the expense of $2,000 to replace the panels is excessive if the Village wants to continue to maintain the area. Mayor Norris noted that the original panels were funded through an educational grant. Trustee Jamerson is also in favor of the expenditure.
Mr. Durning noted that the administrative hearing for three tickets he had issued will take place next week. He also issued a ticket today for failure to test and certify an RPZ valve on a private well.

Plan Commission Report

Plan Commission Chairman David Niedelman reported that the Plan Commission will hold a Public Hearing on Thursday. They will consider a Text Amendment substantially amending and restating the Riverwoods Woodland Protection Ordinance.

Engineer’s Report

Mr. Glenn reported that the Portwine Road sewer project is underway.

Village Attorney Report

Mr. Huvard had a conversation with Tom Flannigan, whose family owns the 37 acre parcel, about the impact of Woodman’s on the Shoppes of Riverwoods. The Flannigans are rethinking the 37 acre project which has become more arduous then they originally envisioned. They also discussed the potential impact of the Deerfield road widening on the Shoppes. Mr. Huvard invited Mr. Flanagan to attend a future consultant’s meeting.
Mr. Huvard also spoke with Landmark Dividend, another company interested in purchasing the Village’s cell tower leases. They offered a lump sum amount similar to what the Village has been offered previously, but the rest of the terms were more favorable. Mr. Huvard suggested inviting Landmark to attend a future Board of Trustee meeting. Trustee Haber questioned whether there is motivation for the Village to sell at this time. He noted that if the Village was reliant on the revenue stream to meet its general obligations, there would be a reason to get the long term commitments. He is willing to listen to Landmark’s representative, but this is his initial reaction.
Mr. Huvard also spoke with representatives from T-Mobile about a 15 year lease guarantee, but T-Mobile will not guarantee for 15 years. He recommends that the Village initial and send back a ‘draft amendment’ in order for T-Mobile to send an actual lease amendment for the Village to review. The Board agreed.

Police Report

Chief Dayno presented highlights from the Police Report since the last Board of Trustees meeting. He reported that there was one residential ruse burglary on West Course Drive. The Police Report is attached at the end of the minutes.

Information Items and Comments from the President

 Status on LDOT – Deerfield Road Planning – SIG
Mayor Norris reported that the SIG meeting is scheduled for January 25, 2018 at the Riverwoods Village Hall. He encouraged residents to attend. Trustee Jamerson noted that residents were welcome but only the SIG group could ask questions.
 Discussion of possible Regulation on Short Term Rental of Residential Property
Mayor Norris indicated that a memorandum covering this topic was sent to the Trustees. Mr. Huvard explained that the original recommendation was to have interested residents register their property. That led to defining certain terms. He studied other municipalities’ Ordinances and felt that the City of Portland’s was one of the most moderate and sensible approaches. His draft incorporates that approach, but believes there is still some discussion and fine tuning that needs to be done.
The Board discussed a number of issues including some acceptable commercial uses, a policing policy, disruptive conduct, not obtaining a permit and the penalty associated with that. Mr. Huvard suggested that there was more work to be done and invited the Trustees to send comments and suggestions to him. He also suggested the possibility of holding a workshop.
Before moving on, Mayor Norris asked the Board if they agreed with three basic criteria, namely: that the Village requires the property to be registered; the Village would also require the name and phone number of a responsible party; and that the inspection portion would require smoke detectors. The Board had no issue with these requirements.
 Salary Recommendation for 2018 has been distributed. Intend to schedule vote at January 23, 2018 meeting.
Mayor Norris noted this is the recommendation from the Compensation Committee.
 “Riverwoods Cost Share – Contractor Certification Workshop”
Mayor Norris reported that this workshop is meant to educate contractors that are going to do work covered by the cost share programs. Steve Zimmerman has put together the information. Mayor Norris suggested videotaping the presentation, so those that cannot attend have access to the information.
Trustee Chamberlain explained the branding committee understands anyone can do work in the Village; however, if a resident is using the cost share program a bit of education can cut down the challenges. Therefore, if a resident wants reimbursement through the program, their contractor has to go through the education program. Trustee Jamerson suggested calling it a Contractor Orientation Workshop. Trustee Haber believes the workshop should be available to be viewed online. Trustee Hollander questioned how the work is reviewed and determined to be completed properly. Trustee Chamberlain explained that if the work is not completed properly, the resident is not eligible for the cost share reimbursement. Mayor Norris noted the Village is trying to let contractors know what is expected upfront. Trustee Chamberlain prefers that a contractor comes into the Village, as the education will be much better in person. Mr. Niedelman suggested having a monetary reason for contractors to attend.

Visitors Wishing to Address the Board

Lilia Dicken suggested that the Village could do a monthly internet search on the major rental sites for short term rentals and then contact those individuals.

New Business

 Resolution R-18-01 Local Debt Recovery Program – Intergovernmental Agreement
Village Clerk Gagerman explained there are some people with a judgment against them that have not paid. This program will allow the Village to register with the State to who can deduct monies due to the Village from a State refund tax or paycheck. An intergovernmental agreement is required before the Village can enroll in the program. Trustee Chamberlain wanted to ensure that the Village does not incur any additional costs. Clerk Gagerman noted that there are no additional costs.
Trustee Haber moved to pass a Resolution for an intergovernmental agreement with the State of Illinois for a local debt recovery program. Trustee Chamberlain seconded the motion. The motion passed on a voice vote.
 Approval of Varsity Time, LLC Invoice for $12,000
Mayor Norris noted that this is the branding company invoice. Trustee Jamerson moved to approve the bill for Varsity Time, LLC in the amount of $12,000. Trustee Chamberlain seconded the motion. The motion passed by the following vote:
AYES: Chamberlain, Goldstein, Haber, Hollander, Jamerson (5)
NAYS: None (0)

Old Business

 Ordinance Prohibiting the Use of Groundwater as a Potable Water Supply by the Installation or Use of Potable Water Supply Wells or by any other method, in a specified area of the Village or Riverwoods (Continued – awaiting data from property owner)

Standing Committee Reports

External Communications/Bike Path/Environment – Trustee Chamberlain reported that the branding process is moving along. The steering committee will meet with Jodi and Ryan on January 23, 2018 to come up with some ideas to share with the Board.
Police/Building – Trustee Jamerson indicated that the December Building Report was distributed. It is attached to the end of the minutes.
Communications/IT/Budget – Mayor Norris reported that there was a meeting regarding the Village website and that progress was being made.


There being no further business or discussion, Trustee Chamberlain moved to adjourn the meeting. Trustee Jamerson seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. The meeting was adjourned at 9:08 PM.

The next regular meeting of the Board of Trustees is scheduled for January 23, 2018 at 7:30 PM at Village Hall.

Respectfully submitted,
Irene Gagerman, Village Clerk
Transcribed by Jeri Cotton
Police Report
Building Report

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