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The Mayor is nominated by the Riverwoods Caucus committee and is elected to a four-year term. The Mayor acts as the executive branch of village government and is responsible for the administration of village operations. The Mayor is also president of the Board of Trustees. As president, the Mayor presides over all board meetings and can cast tie-breaking votes. Individuals who serve as Mayor receive a stipend and a municipal benefits package as compensation.

Mayor's Letter

It has been two short months since
taking office, and it’s been a real
educational experience. I have
said, it is one thing to watch the
Mayor and another to actually BE
the Mayor. So true!

From establishing a special
committee for Storm Water
Management, to working on
the upcoming opening of the
Flatwoods Heritage Center,
coordinating staff, consultants,
and digging into many other
administrative and procedural
“weeds”, it has been a busy time.

With respect to the special
committee for Storm Water
Management, I believe we are
all aware that the management
of storm water flows is becoming
increasingly important as we
are subject to more severe rain
events than in the past. While
the first half of 2021 produced
extreme drought conditions in
Riverwoods, the last two weeks in
June produced drenching rains
and heavy downpours. Although
most properties in Riverwoods do
not have drainage ditches, storm
water flows across all properties in
its journey to those ditches, and
eventually to the two waterways
that flow through the Village.
I have appointed Trustee Rick
Jamerson to lead this very
important committee to review
the current storm water situation
in Riverwoods. The Storm Water
Management committee is
just being formed, and more
information will be forthcoming.
If you have comments for
the committee, please email

This Village is not the same place
it was when my husband and I
moved in some 40+ years ago,
when horse barns outnumbered
swimming pools and tennis courts.

With road expansions, and the
increase in retail and residential
building, the surrounding
communities have had an
enormous impact on Riverwoods.

This serves as a reminder to us
that we must act and behave as
a community in order to preserve
the uniqueness of Riverwoods that
drew us here, and to accommodate
changes that have enhanced our

Kris Ford


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