Our Mayor

The Mayor is nominated by the Riverwoods Caucus committee and is elected to a four-year term. The Mayor acts as the executive branch of village government and is responsible for the administration of village operations. The Mayor is also president of the Board of Trustees. As president, the Mayor presides over all board meetings and can cast tie-breaking votes. Individuals who serve as Mayor receive a stipend and a municipal benefits package as compensation.

Mayor's Letter

In this, my final State of the Village report, I
am pleased to say that the state of the Village
remains excellent.

That is not to say that we are without our

• Revenue lost from the departure of a
number of commercial interests;
• The COVID pandemic;
• How to attract new business and
development that is consistent with our basic
ethos of a sylvan refuge from the suburban
sprawl that surrounds us?

Despite these problems, Riverwoods remains
a wonderful place to live. Nowhere else can
you find our incredible woodlands so close to
transportation and shopping. Nowhere else
can we find people like you, the residents of

The best is yet to be.

John W. Norris
Mayor, Village of Riverwoods


Office of Mayor

Mayor John W. Norris

Office: 847-945-3990 ext. 325

Fax: 847-945-4059

8 am - 5 pm CT

Mayor since 2013

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Notification System

The Village of Riverwoods utilizes Blackboard Connect service for emergency resident notification side-by-side with the Village non-emergency resident email database. As a resident or business you can opt-in to emergency messages, non-emergency messages or both.

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