The Village Treasurer is appointed by the Mayor and Board of Trustees to this unpaid position. The Treasurer is responsible for keeping the accounts for each of the village’s funds and maintains copies of all financial transactions. The Treasurer also oversees the village’s investments to ensure they are in compliance with the established investment policy.

GF Revenue by Source - YTD 12/31/17

Total GF operating expenditures increased by 21% or $601,015 over 2016 to $3,442,037. This does not include the transfers out to the Capital Project Fund (Village hall construction) of $951k. In addition to general increases in a number of operating line items the following also affected this total. Due to the change in liability carrier in 2016 there was no expense charged that year for this which totals about $229k in 2017.

There was a GF funded Road and Bridge construction project in 2017 which added approximately $190k to that division’s expenditure total. And, various consultant charges in the Administration Dept. (engineer, legal and ecologist) were $146k over 2016.

Expenditures By Department

Auditor's Report

Download the most recent Auditor’s Report

2018 Auditor’s Report on Village Finances



Nathan Gaskill


Accounting Administrator Susan Crohn

Office: 847-945-3990 ext. 316

Fax: 847-945-4059

Serving the Village Since: 1998

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