Thank you for your interest in the Village’s Native Seeding Cost-Share Program.  Note: an Ecological Consultation and approval from the Village Ecologist is required prior to applying for the Native Seeding Program. Canopy & subcanopy tree thinning, invasive shrub removal, and/or garlic mustard removal may be required before approval to install native seed and plants. In the attachments below you will find the Application and complete program summary. Please read all requirements carefully and complete the checklist before submitting your completed application. The applicant must use Riverwoods approved native seed mixtures and/or plants from the lists created by the Village Ecologist.   The native seed and plants can be obtained from any of the native seed and plant nurseries listed. The Native Seeding Program is a cost-share program. The Village’s share limit is $2,000and there is a $100 non-refundable application fee.

The intent of the Native Seeding Program is twofold. First the Village Ecologist may require that an area be seeded with native species following garlic mustard removal or invasive shrub removal in order to prevent the reestablishment of these invasive species. Second, an applicant may wish to seed a woodland understory, prairie, or wetland depending on site conditions or following a prescribed burn. An applicant may be allowed to use Flatwoods (wet woodland) plant plugs as determined by the Village Ecologist for this difficult to establish wetland community. An assessment by the Village Ecologist of the existing conditions and preparation of a map that includes general locations of the proposed seeding and planting is required. The applicant is required to hire a certified contractor to plant the native seed and/or plants and install erosion control measures.   Note: This program does not apply to planting rain gardens or other formal gardens.

After the application is submitted and approved by the Village Ecologist, the applicant will receive a permit from the Village to proceed with the work as proposed in the Application. Once the work is completed, notify and deliver a copy of the paid contractor invoice to the Village and the Village Ecologist will conduct a site visit to verify the work has been completed properly. The reimbursement request is then forwarded to the Village Board for approval and can be expected in 1 to 3 months.



Application Form

Please fill out and print this PDF application and submit to the office of Woodland Ecology.

Native Seeding Cost-Share Program Application (PDF)


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