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Thank You Laurie, for Your Leadership and Vision

May/June 2014

By Mike Clayton, RPC President

Thank you to our “retiring” President, Laurie Breitkopf, who is stepping down after five years at the helm of the Riverwoods Preservation Council. Under Laurie’s leadership, the RPC has grown to be a significant force in strengthening the unique character of our Village. Demonstration sites, educational programs, recycling activities, an annual roadway clean up, communications, and policy advocation cover just some of RPC’s activity. With the help of Mayors Kaplan and Norris, the RPC has worked in tandem with the Village in many of these areas. To recognize her contributions, on behalf of the entire Village, we are planting an oak tree in the Village Garden. Happily, Laurie has elected to remain on the Board and continue to contribute to the RPC efforts in this different capacity.

This has been an exciting five years. If you can, take a moment to drop the RPC Board an email at to let us know where you think the RPC can make a real contribution in the next five years. The link between our woodland character and property values, the availability and quality of our water supply, our ability to meet the Lake County solid waste recycling requirements, the design of our Village Hall etc. are just some possible examples. The community has been most generous in its support of the RPC and we want to focus our resources with your input.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you now and in the future...

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