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Join the Renewable Power Program and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

November/December 2015

By Rick Jamerson, Riverwoods Trustee

In April 2012, Riverwoods voters approved a referendum allowing the Village of Riverwoods to pursue an electricity aggregation program. Our first foray into electric aggregation began with a three-year contract with MC2. During this contract, Village participants saved over $1,100,000 compared to the ComEd rates in effect during that time! A 100% Green Power Program was available and cost the average residential customer only $1.12 per month. The Green Power Program was designed to reduce carbon emissions. Unfortunately, only 21 Riverwoods residents took advantage of this program. Our contract with MC2 has ended with the last billing.

Beginning with the August 2015 billing and continuing through July 2018, Dynegy will be the energy supplier for the Riverwoods Electric Aggregation program. Dynegy has a 100% Renewable Power Program similar to the MC2 program. The additional cost of the Renewable Power Program is .233 cents ($0.00233) per kWh during the first year and .27 cents ($0.0027) per kWh during the second and third years. For the average Riverwoods home, the additional cost per month during the first year of the program is only $4.05 per month over the Traditional Power Program. While this is an increase over the cost of the last program, this is a still small price to pay for a cleaner environment.

All residents who participated in the MC2 program during the last three years were automatically enrolled into the Traditional Power Program with Dynegy regardless of whether they are in the MC2 Green Power Program. Enrollment into the new Dynegy Renewable Power Program is on an “Opt-in” basis and requires action on the resident’s part. This process is simple and takes less than 15 minutes to complete. Any resident interested in the Renewable Power Program should either call Dynegy at 844-351-7691 or send an e-mail to You will need your ComEd customer number which can be found at the top of your monthly ComEd bill.

As a side note, never give your ComEd account number to anyone that calls you even if they state they are from ComEd or “your current energy supplier”.

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