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Forbs, Friends, and Keeping Our Woodlands Healthy

July/August 2017

Our Plant Sale Committee took a big gamble this year and for the first time ever, all ordering was done completely on-line, and the plants offered were 100% native species. Both aspects contributed to a successful plant sale which by the way, took place back at 300 Portwine, our new Village Hall. 

The success of this sale can be seen in the numbers . . . 

• 106 trees were sold with the most popular being the Redbud.

• 136 shrubs sold with the Spicebush as the biggest seller. 

• 447 forbs sold (for those of you who are wondering, a forb is a flowering plant) and the Marsh Marigold took the prize as most popular. 

• 45 grasses, 35 sedges, and 127 ferns, with Ostrich being the biggest selling fern.

Even rain couldn’t keep the plant-lovers away as they arrived to gather their plants, enjoy a barbecue, and take the opportunity to speak with our Village Ecologist and representatives from the South Lake Mosquitoe Abatement District. 

The plant sale could not happen without the support of the residents who truly care about protecting and growing our beautiful woodland community and who choose to do so by taking advantage of the Village cost-share program to restore their properties with native plants.  

Thank you Plant Sale Committee for making it so easy to keep our Riverwoods woodlands healthy and green! 

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