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Shiny New Fire Engine

January/February 2017

By Tom Krueger, Fire Chief

We are proud to announce the purchase and addition to our fleet of fire apparatus. This new fire engine is quite dif-ferent from the traditional fire service engine. This fire engine carries all of the equipment as its replacement along with a compliment of fire hose, ladders, heavy rescue equipment, 500 gallons of water (capable of pumping up to 1500 gallons per minute), and seats four firefighter paramedics. It also has advanced life support equipment to assist our paramedics during emergency incidents. The fire engine is smaller than our traditional fire engines, and our ambulances are a little longer in length. This shorter-sized engine allows for a tighter turning radius on smaller streets and harder to get to places, less wear/ tear on mechanical components, stress to roads, etc. within our Fire District. The cost of the engine was approximately 
$150,000 less than our traditional fire engines. The new fire engine will be located at Station 53 for a trial period, but more likely is suited for the topography of Riverwoods.

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