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What does the Village do for Mosquito Control?

July/August 2011

The Village of Riverwoods is part of the Southlake Mosquito Abatement District The District covers 24 square miles including the the City of Highland Park, Highwood, Village of Bannockburn, Deerfield and Riverwoods. The District along with its service provider, Clarke, have an integrated approach to mosquito control designed to reduce the population of both nuisance mosquitoes and mosquitoes that are active carriers of diseases like West Nile Virus.

The process emphasizes control of the mosquito larvae in their breeding sites including retention ponds, drainage ditches, wetlands or low areas that tend to hold water to prevent the development of adult mosquitoes. This serves as the foundation of the program.

The mosquito control program began in April with the first of a series of sixteen inspections of potential breeding areas mapped within the Village - retention ponds, drainage ditches, wetlands or low areas that tend to hold water.

This is where we are looking for your help. The Village has many ephemeral ponds (often referred to as vernal or temporary). These depressions which temporarily hold water on poorly drained soils and can breed mosquitoes, but are very difficult to map or see due to the tree canopy during aerial surveys. The Village is asking for residents to report stagnant water or areas on your property that may hold water for more than 3 days any time during the season to the Southlake MAD at This will allow the district to inspect and treat the areas and map them for future preventative treatments.

Inspections are performed by taking water samples at potential sites. All mosquito samples are returned and identified in Clarke's laboratory with that information placed into their Targeted Mosquito Management System database. Interaction between site information and history files produces a field inspection and control strategy for each site. Targeted sites, those with a history of breeding, are marked for intensive inspections and are inspected more often. These inspections and the treatment of sites found breeding mosquitoes will continue through September.

The Southlake MAD has also provided a supply of Altosid Pro-G in a small, easy-to-use shaker bottle so that residents can treat small potential breeding areas on their property. These are available for pickup at no charge at Riverwoods Village Hall, 300 Portwine Road. Quantitities are limited to one shaker can per household. For more information the product including labels and material safety data sheets please see

The mosquito control program also has two light traps to help monitor adult mosquito populations. The Village's trap allows the district to determine the density and distribution of mosquito species, three times per week over an 18 week period. An additional six traps are set within the mosquito abatement district to help monitor the West Nile Virus risk.

Adult mosquito control is performed on a regular basis to reduce the risk of mosquito borne disease such as West Nile Virus and reduction the annoyance caused by mosquitoes based exceeding local thresholds.

The "Mosquito Hotline" is the citizen response system to help residents report stagnant water (over 3-5 days) or to be added to a prior notification list to be called the day of adult mosquito control activities. The "Mosquito Hotline" can be reached toll-free at 800-942-2555.

For more information on repellents and homeowner participation please see the CDC website at

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