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Green Power Program for Electricity

January/February 2013

By the Riverwoods Preservation Council

Now that the Village of Riverwoods has chosen MC Squared as our electric supplier, all residents purchasing electricity through MC Squared are receiving savings over what they would have been paying under the current ComEd rates. The average household in Riverwoods will save approximately $696 during the first year with MC Squared. These savings will vary based on your individual energy usage.

This is great news! But, did you also know that by choosing the "Green Power Program" option with MC Squared you can help our environment at a small additional cost? The additional cost is only $.00075 cents per kWh. That's less than a tenth of a cent. For a residence that uses 1500 kWh per month (the village average), the Green Power Program only adds $1.12 per month to your electric bill. For that $1.12, MC Squared will purchase Renewable Energy Certificates to cover 100% of your electric supply requirements. These certificates encourage the production of renewable energy such as wind, solar, and hydro electric power. So, for about $13.50 a year you can help our environment. Even with the extra cost of the Green Power Program, the average Riverwoods resident will still save over $680 a year.

Riverwoods already has residents participating in the Green Power Program. Currently, the overall Village participation is on par with the average suburb. But, as we all know, Riverwoods is not average!! Join the Green Power Program today and help show Riverwoods is concerned about how our electricity is produced.

Enrolling in the Green Power Program through MC Squared is easy and quick. You will need your ComEd account number printed on your ComEd bill. Online enrollment can be completed at Once you are on the website, click on "Pricing" at the top of the screen. Scroll down to the Green Power Program box and click on the green "Click Here" button. Follow the three easy steps and in less than a minute you will be enrolled. If you would prefer to call MC Squared, the phone number is 888-537-8418. Inform the operator that you live in Riverwoods and would like to enroll in the Green Power Program. You will need to give the operator your ComEd account number.

As a reminder, do not ever give any account information to anyone that calls you. Scam artists are continuing to take advantage of homeowners by calling and claiming to be with ComEd or some other company or credit card issuer. Some have even left call back numbers that are answered with an official sounding greeting.

Future RPC Green Corners will detail the progress Riverwoods residents are making in becoming Green Power backers. Don't delay joining.

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