Village of Riverwoods

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Office of Mayor

The mayor is nominated by the Riverwoods Caucus committee and is elected to a four year term. The mayor acts as the executive branch of village government and is responsible for the administration of village operations. The mayor is also president of the Board of Trustees. As president, the mayor presides over all board meetings and can cast tie-breaking votes. Individuals who serve as mayor receive a stipend and a municipal benefits package as compensation.

Mayor John Norris

Photo of Mayor John Norris
Prior to becoming mayor in 2013, John has served as a village trustee for over 16 years.


The State of the Village of Riverwoods is excellent. We continue to operate with a modest budget surplus. The budget cuts proposed by Govorner Rauner could reduce our revenues by $200,000 to $400,000 however, which may necessitate budget cuts and/or tax increases in the future.

Electrical Aggregation – Trustees Chamberlain and Jamerson have worked with our village-wide electrical aggregation consultant to negotiate a new contract. While the new rates are higher, they are still lower than what residents would be charged where they to obtain electricity from Commonwealth Edison. Residents also have the choice of opting for 100% renewable energy. Electing to use the renewable energy option would increase the cost of electricity for the average resident by approximately three dollars per month. I strongly urge all residents to take advantage of this program.

Village Hall Remodel – The design process is nearly complete for the remodeling and updating of the Village Hall. At this point, we expect to go out for bids sometime in April. The Thursday, February 26th edition of the Deerfield Review included an article on the Village Hall remodeling. I recommend anyone wanting more information to read the article. The following is a link to the article on line:

John W. Norris
Mayor of Riverwoods