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Building Department

The Building Department's mission is to ensure all residence homes are built and or remodeled according to the minimum safety standards set by the National Building Code Organizations. We review permit applications and issue permits for new homes, remodeling, additions, sheds, fences, decks, patios, sunrooms, roofing, siding, new windows, driveways, sidewalks, sewer and water (new or repairs) just to name a few of the areas we monitor for the health and safety of the village residents.

If you are in doubt regarding the need for a permit, please call and ask, we'll be more than glad to help. You will also need a permit to remove any trees from your property, as well as grading or filling-in of your property.

We also use Lake County Building Department to monitor and do inspections on most of our Commercial Development.

Our Department has numerous people to help you with your application process, set-up inspections, and answer your questions.

Our job is to help you build a safe home for your families, and protect you and your neighbors' property values by making sure everyone in the village adheres to the Building Codes and Zoning Ordinances.

Building Department Report

By Rob Durning, Community Services

Planning a Construction Project? If you are planning to build in the floodplain, please note that flood insurance is mandatory and can be purchased with a loan from a federally regulated lender. FEMA’s local floodplain map of Riverwoods is available for viewing at the Village Hall. Staff will help you to understand the map and will work with your contractor. There are areas of Riverwoods that are designated floodplains and FEMA is steadfast in ensuring that its regulations are followed.

If you are experiencing any flooding or drainage problems on your property, Village Staff is available to meet you onsite to provide advice on how your situation can be corrected. Please contact Rob Durning at the Village Hall at 847-945-3990 or by email at